The Real Reason Michael Jordan Retired From The NBA!

On October 6, 1993 Michael Jordan, the biggest NBA star of all time, announced his retirement from the NBA after leading the Chicago Bulls to their third championship and, while still recovering from the tragic murder of his father, MJ felt. His time was up just like that. The greatest to ever touch a basketball court was gone to this day.

Many people believe there’s a bigger conspiracy, specifically that Michael Jordan did not willingly retire as crazy as all of the sounds right now, once you finish watching this video, you might learn that this so-called conspiracy just might be the truth. Before I begin, I would like to say that I am NOT saying that everything here is factual or that Jordan did 100 % retire. For this reason, I’m just providing you with a story better. Yet a conspiracy of what me and many people believe is the reason.

Michael Jordan, really retired. So with that being said, let’s begin welcome to NBA insider in the 1970s, dr Jay brought excitement to the NBA in the 1980’s Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did the same, but in the late 80s and early 90s Michael Jordan brought something the NBA had never seen. Michael Jordan, wasn’t just an NBA superstar. He was the NBA at the time. It was estimated that 70 % of all NBA fans considered themselves as Chicago Bulls, fans, aka, Michael Jordan, fans.

Any time Jordan touched the core away or at home take it sales increased like crazy Bulls, merchandise would be sold out the minute they went out. Jordan brought so much revenue into the league that in 1989, NBC was willing to pay 600 million for a four-year TV contract with the NBA. However, in the fall of 1991, the beginning of the end of Jordans career had begun, and it was all because of his competitive nature, Michael Jordan, loved competition. It was this love that led to his interest in gambling. He gambled on just about anything he even gambled at North Carolina.

He used to bet players, sodas or small amounts of money on free throws or games. Of course, this gambling continued in the NBA, but was much more money. He would play a poker with his teammates on road trips. He was so good at gambling that the Chicago Bulls head coach would warn the younger players not to play poker with him, but it was gambling in golf that would eventually be his downfall. When Jordan first started to gamble in golf, he began betting small, but as his confidence on the golf course grew, so did the money.

Jordan had plenty of money and he was good golfer, just not good enough to avoid losing to the wrong people. In 1991, Jordan went on a week-long gambling spree at his home in North Carolina by the end of the spree Jordan Odom man by the name of James Buhler $ 57,000. However, the money owed was not the problem, but rather the fact that Buhler was a convicted cocaine dealer and had to probation violations for carrying semi-automatic weapons. Jordan was gambling with a criminal. This was just the beginning of Jordans problems.

On October 21st, 1991 Jordan paid the 57 thousand to Buhler, who placed the money in a bank account the IRS quickly seized it, believing that the money may have been illegal since Buhler was under investigation for dealing cocaine. This put a spotlight on Jordan, as it would eventually be exposed that the money had come from him. Now it wasn’t.

Looking too good, Jordan told the media that the money was a loan to a friend to start a golf range, a lie that would soon haunt him believing this. The court ruled that the IRS violated Bullers rights in seizing the 57 thousand and dropped all charges. Then, in February of 1992, Jordans friend and fellow gambler, Eddie doe was robbed of 20,000 and murdered just outside his home.

In his possession police found photocopies of three checks worth a hundred and eight thousand dollars. Another gambling debt Jordan had owed. Two of the checks were from Jordans personal account. The third was a check by Jordan exactly one year after paying Buhler the fifty seven thousand dollars. Michael Jordan was back in court at Bullers trial for drug and money laundering.

Charges under oath Michael Jordan confessed at the 57,000 was not alone, but indeed a gambling debt. This clearly did not make Jordan’s image look good. In June of 1993, another Michael Jordan gambling story broke loose this one from a businessman named Richard S. Minus s Qin has claimed that during a ten day period in 1991, Jordan had lost 1.25 million to him gambling on golf. No one believed his story until he proved it with canceled paychecks received from Jordan.

Jordan didn’t lie this time. Instead, he issued a statement. I have played golf with Richard esquinas with wagers made between us, because I did not keep records. I cannot verify how much I won or lost.

I can assure you. The level of our wagers was substantially less than the preposterous amounts that have been reported even after proven guilty, Jordans still denied having gambling addictions. He told NBC News. If I had a gambling problem, I’d be starving, I’d be Hawking.

This watch my championship rings. I would sell my house, my kids would be starving. I do not have a problem after this interview, NBC News decided to press NBA, commissioner David Stern, and regards to Jordan’s gambling problems.

They would eventually lay off the story. Jordan stopped talking to the media, as they would begin to twist his words first turn and the NBA Jordan silence might have been a blessing in disguise, but by now the NBA already had enough. They had been through this once before in 1992, with the Buhler incident that so-called investigation ended, even though the two-week investigation was really just a two-hour meeting with Jordan, his attorneys and top NBA officials, the NBA never questioned either Buller or any other local or federal, investigating Officers in the case and never asked to see the records from Bullers trial, jordan was merely given a slap on the wrist and told to watch who he associates with Jordan himself said. Was i gambling with goons who had bad reputations yeah?

I was. Should I not gamble with goons anymore yeah, I shouldn’t gamble with goons, then comes 1993 by now, Jordan was on strike two out of. Nowhere comes accusations of Jordans involvement in gambling and betting on sports, such as baseball and, of course, he would be found guilty. Thus, giving him a third strike for him.

That was the last straw. The NBA was upset about all the negative attention they were receiving from Jordan and his gambling. However, what was potentially even more threatening to the league than MJ’s gambling was the fact that he was consistently associating with criminals by this point. Mba, commissioner, David Stern, stepped in and talked to Michael Jordan about retirement. Many people believe that the news conference held on October 6 1993 was what it seemed to be. There were no tears in Michael Jordan’s eyes.

There was no sadness, no cracking voices, simply a statement followed by some quick, easy to answer, questions and then boom retirement. Just like that, Michael Jordan was out the NBA. However, the question that still bothers people to this day is why did Jordan decide to retire a year and a half later he was back playing for the bolts, I guess, even after being named Rookie of the Year leading the league in scoring for seven years. In a row being named, MVP twice winning the NBA championship three times and being the greatest player to ever play the game. Jordan found something else he needed to prove the murder of James Jordan, Michael Jordan’s, father on July of 1993, surely weighed heavily on Michael’s mind at the time. This was supposedly another reason for Jordan’s retirement.

Although some people have speculated that his father’s death had something to do with Jordans gambling, I don’t believe that to be the case. I personally don’t even believe that Jordan willingly retired, I believe the NBA came to Jordan and told him he needs to lay low. Just until this bad image of his gambling cleared up. They didn’t want to see him go down for gambling, but at the same time they couldn’t seem to control him. So they asked him to retire and seek some help. Allow the media to cool down and swim.

The public will forget all about it. Go play baseball, so you can keep in shape and remain at least somewhat in the spotlight. Then, when the time is right, Jordan would be allowed to return to the NBA. Jordan even made a very interesting comment during his retirement press conference. When asked, will you miss the sport? He replied, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the sport five years down the line.

If the urge comes back, if the Bulls will have me, if David Stern lets me back in the league, I may come back very interesting to hear him say if David Stern lets me back in the league, almost as if he was trying to emphasize. That Stern was holding something over his head even during his second retirement. He once again emphasized David Stern. He thanks Stern for giving him the opportunity to play the game of basketball, but how exactly did Stern give him an opportunity? Did he draft him did Stern offer him a contract?

Did he put him in the starting lineup? No, no and no all things of which Stern had nothing to do with, but instead, as MJ said at his first retirement press conference by letting him back in the league after seeing a loss of money in the NBA, the league wanted him to return. They needed him to return. There was no replacement for Michael Jordan and in the middle of the 1994-1995 season he made his comeback. Apparently he had put the gambling behind him and would go on another three seasons with the Bulls winning the championship in all three.

I think Jordans retirement was allegedly created by NBA commissioner David Stern, to seek counseling for his growing addiction to gambling, an addiction that was well known everywhere. Jordans retirement was made to keep this as secret as possible so that both him and the NBA could keep their reputations clean. You may be asking yourself: why should I care if Jordan did retire on his own or if the NBA forced him? The answer is simple: if there was more to the Jordan story than we know, then the NBA is covering up the facts and on this channel I like to give you guys all the facts.