Raising Real Money

I’m gonna jump right in wish me luck I’ve to a cracking start no bonus on wild hearts moving on no look I’m booked of debt moving up don’t look like a bonus on this Eva it’s not going well is it 15 seconds nearly 200 quid down got down wake up slots and they the fucking future that would have been sick if that landed let’s give it a few more just in case piranha at one more move on no luck on Alice in Wonderland Eva let’s give it a few she rabbits huh show me the t’car where’s my tank sir it means sick yeah I quite enjoyed this one last time but don’t the bonus I don’t want a bonus maybe none no look on moon princess Eva this is gonna be one fast first. Find out about great casinos to find a win at  CasinoSlots.

Let’s see if love wants to do something I doubt it last one change these green ones maybe no that was shit leave it on it took 421 pound but here is my first feature and it’s on fruit warp on five quid it’s probably gonna be in me sum it up go on I need one hell of a comeback no one at times noise all it takes is a hundred exit fiver it’s not asking too much it is from plums button you know it’s a bit of money I’m probably just gonna play this unless I get a big win on it just getting there nine plums no I said no not none come on well it’s nearly 70 quid isn’t it yeah pause you and hope for some pinks cuz we’re gonna need them not pinks but bananas is a nice one come on don’t fuck me I thought was done then it’s about to let out the biggest saw you guys have ever heard nice just one more banana please don’t be me there because I’d be disgusting it’s coming I can feel it well I think fuck for that no I’m not not like this so this give me free just for that time date that’s disgusting man worse than the plums Jesus but at least I’m actually getting some action for my money.

I raised it to a tenner for the last five camp on land fuck man that would have been epic Jesus was it got teased a lot no that was a shocking 500 pound deposit put it on CD quid I’m gonna reload but I’m probably gonna go try some blueprints so I’ll sing a sec I’m over at spins – now I’m gonna try some blueprints out complain I’ll be bet so I got a move over here if a bus that was 500 I’m gonna not continue this session because losing 500 in about five minutes is there there’s a bit steep for me so yeah cinema nice fishing frenzy to pound steak bonuses in come on them had four spins left of the auto as you saw that let’s see him right now right oh man that would have been a sick one to start on this while  okay nice G more yeah it’s decent it’s decent.