Money Management Strategies

Managing your money is one of the most important factors in online gambling and real world gambling strategy. Prior to each casino gambling session you should figure out what your betting unit will be and at what point you will quit. Your betting unit should generally be about 1% of your entire bankroll if you are a passive gambler and up to 2% if you intend on being a more aggressive gambler.

Planning ahead and choosing your win and loss limit will keep you from losing frequently and keep you walking away with a bigger bankroll more consistently. Make sure your win and loss limits are reasonable and are firm, don’t alter them once you have begun, this usually leads to disaster. Once you have reached either limit you need to get up and walk away; don’t think that maybe the next hand will be your lucky break.

It is imperative that you walk away once you have reached your win goal, the next hand could start a downward spiral that could lose all your winnings. Keep this point in your head as it is the most important. “It is better to walk away a little winner than a big loser.”

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