Casino Perks

I do believe the casinoenabled me to some degree, yes.By offering me all these perks.(traffic rumbles)CAROL O’HARE: I think we as people in recovery,we owe something to those who are still struggling.O’HARE: That one.NARRATOR: Carol O’Hare is the Executive Directorof the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling in Las Vegas,a crisis intervention and referral group.O’HARE: Recovery is a day-at-a-time process.But it’s a forever process.By day, I sold computers for a livingand explained to intelligent adultshow you can’t be smarter than that microchip,and how the computer is operating on a nanosecond,and you can’t be smarter than the computer.And I would get off work, and proceed right tomy local gaming establishment and sit downin front of a computer, a video poker machine,that somehow in that moment, I thought I couldbe smarter than the nanosecond and the microchip.It’s a very insidious addiction.It hijacks everything that is logicaland sane about your thinking, and causes youto act in the most illogical, insane way. More about casino perks here:

When you look specifically at women,when you look at older women,I can tell you that their faces look very similar.They typically are women who,they’ve raised their family, they’ve,you know, they’ve had the successful career,they’ve had the good marriage, but as you know,once we get older, you know, life can get tougher.And when you start to experience losses,sort of the perfect storm that can happen,and particularly in a community like Vegaswhere people may come here to retire.NARRATOR: Las Vegas is a top retirement destination,with 24-hour gambling fun near you.O’HARE: So you work your whole life,you’ve got this great plan, you executed the plan,you raised your family, you come to Las Vegas,you move into a great retirement community,you and your spouse, and you’re gonnalive out your golden years.And then one of you has a catastrophic illness.Maybe one of you dies.

Suddenly you have this person whose golden year planhas been taken out from under them.ANNA: I was a teacher in Colorado Springs,and so I had saved quite a bit of money there,’cause there’s not a lot of gambling or anything.(quiet, intense music)ANNA: So I moved down here with my daughter,and that was my main purpose, was to move here and gamble.I’m 77 years old, and my game of choice was video poker.First started off as the nickel machines,and then quarters, and then I decided,OK, I’ll try the penny machines, you know.But you can’t win unless you do the max.It’s gonna take all my money,and then I’m going to wind up tryin’ to find waysto pay bills and all that kind of, just misery.But I couldn’t stop.Just, I don’t know why, what wasgoin’ on, you know, I would say,”This is horrible, why are you doin’ this?”But then I would still just go do it.”Well, I get $100, and maybe I won’t”pay that bill now, but maybe I’ll just”pay the late fees, and I’ll do this.”But, oh, it’s awful.I had about $50,000 or $60,000 saved,so when I moved down here, I proceeded to lose all of that.