Our top twenty Sci-Fi films

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another top ten list from Fraking Films. Today we will be tackling our all time favourite science-fiction films, and since we couldn’t narrow it down to just ten, this time we are doing twenty.

Before I begin though I would like to start by thanking a couple of guys over on Reddit who raised the issue of Star Wars. As they said those films are equally fantasy as they are sci-fi, and for that reason they will not be featured in the below article, so if you wonder why they aren’t listed, well that’s why.

The following list are personal choices and of course you will no doubt disagree. So we encourage you to let us know what your favourite sci-fi film is down in the comments. Enjoy.

20) Planet of the Apes (1968)

Planet of the Apes is an incredibly thrilling film that on the face of it is an exciting action packed adventure filled with wildly intelligent apes. But the film is more than that, it is a look at society, racism, evolution and it is all wrapped up in a wonderfully nostalgic B-Movie shine.

Also Charlton Heston’s performance is brilliant.

Planet of the apes

19) Robocop (1987)

Gratuitous violence. Do I need to say any more? No? Good moving on.


18) Minority Report (2002)

Minority Report is a pretty thrilling look at the potential consequences of our surveillance, police heavy societies. This is one of Tom Cruise’s better action roles, helped along by one of the better concepts he’s had to work with.

It is simultaneously entertaining and thought provoking, stylish and intelligent.

Minority Report

17) WALL-E (2008)

Quite possibly one of the cutest animated characters ever to grace our cinemas, and with no facial features or words to convey his emotions you’d think this would be a cold and detached film, but that damned little robot is as human as you or I. And he’s certainly more human than the fat sacks of crap in their floaty chairs.

I guess the film just got a little less adorable then.


16) Jurassic Park (1993)

Unlike most sci-fi films Jurassic Park is set firmly on planet Earth, and doesn’t deal with space travel at any point. It does however, deal with vastly advanced technology. Technology that results in the deaths of more than a few people.

JP is a film detailing the dangers of human intervention within the process of DNA manipulation and the potential for us to resurrect extinct species, and how we should never bloody well bring Dinosaurs back.

With its ground-breaking CG, incredible plot and superb acting Jurassic Park is a classic, just ignore its sequels.

jurassic park

15) Avatar (2009)

Yep this is possibly one of the most un-original films on our list but you cannot deny that Avatar is a visually beautiful film.

The bad guys may be clichéd, and the Navii may be wildly annoying but just look at that planet, the CG guys really pulled it out the bag. Besides the story is pretty entertaining, regardless of whether it rips a bunch of stuff off or not. I don’t think it needs sequels though.

Avatar Wallpaper

14) Predator (1987)

With a lot more tension and suspense than action. I remember watching this film for the first time as a child with my heart beating right out of my chest the entire time.

A hugely enjoyable film that sees the Terminator squaring off against the best hunter in the Galaxy. Sounds awesome right? Well that’s because it freaking well is.

Sadly the Predator fell apart after this film and only resurrected itself in the mediocre Aliens Vs Predator series. Unlike Alien, Predator was more of a one hit wonder. Then again when it can hit this hard it doesn’t need sequels.


13) Back to the Future (1985)

Boy do I enjoy a little bit of Back to the Future. Combining time travel, advanced technology and an hilarious 60’s adventure? That’s got to be close to the perfect popcorn flick right?

A great story, well crafted and loveable characters all make for a thoroughly entertaining trip through time.

Back to the future

12) E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (1982)

The film that gave us ‘phone home’ should really be considered hugely annoying, but it’s so endearingly beautiful that you can’t help but love it.

To make you fall in love with something that really resembles nothing more than an anthropomorphic worm really is no small task. This is Steven Spielberg at his most magical.


11) The Time Machine (2002)

So this film was quite hated by critics the world over but we actually quite enjoy it. Sure some of the graphics are poor but as the saying goes ‘you should never judge a book by its cover.’

The film’s premise is certainly very intriguing and the Moorlocks can be down right freaky, sure they’re a little on the wacky side but so what? It’s a popcorn muncher.

The time machine

10) District 9 (2009)

Racism. That’s pretty much all this films about. Should be a heavy watch really but when you add in mutations, plenty of guns and explosions then it’s your perfect action flick. Which should mean it loses the edge of it’s intended message.

The anger and violence towards the ‘shrimp’ is so visceral though that you can’t help but feel attached to this species, a species that is really totally disgusting. It’s a perfect message about discrimination that hits home a lot harder than some films dealing with racism towards other humans.

District 9 is an unusual take on the idea of alien invasions and for that reason has to be watched by anyone.

District 9

9) Moon (2009)

What can I say about Moon? Apart from the fact that’s damned well impressive. This is an independent film on a small budget that made it big, as it should have.

With just two actors, one of whom is a voice (Kevin Spacey), Moon delves into the dark underbelly of an unknown corporation. Set entirely on the moon the film follows the adventures of a mechanic of sorts working on a base mining for minerals. There’s a secret on that base though, one that is not meant to be known.


8) The Matrix (1999)

We are dealing firmly with the first film here, the other two are ignored, for all intents and purposes they were never made.

The Matrix is a truly thrilling piece of cinema. With some jaw dropping action sequences, which have been replicated countless times since it’s release, and a plot that had everyone questioning reality, the film is quite rightly regarded as a sci-fi classic.

the matrix

7) Dreamcatcher (2003)

Who doesn’t love people dying on the toilet while they poop out alien worms? Exactly no-one I’ve ever met. Am I too immature?

Adapted from the Steven King novel, Dreamcatcher has everything you could want in a sci-fi film, apart from space, but the alien worms make up for that. There’s telepathy, aliens, military intrigue and did I mention poo deaths? Just making sure.

The film was a flop commercially and critically, but that hasn’t stopped it having a special place in my heart.


6) Terminator (1984)

It’s Arnie’s iconic role, the perfect villain. Sure he was a good nice robot in T2 but he in the original was where he made his career. He also didn’t have any annoying kids to put up with.

Terminator is quite possibly the most quintessential of 80’s movies, it’s as if the decade and film go perfectly hand in hand.

Filled to the rafters with gun toting action and the promise of humanities eternal damnation the film is the perfect argument against A.I. It just seems no-one will ever listen.


5) Starship Troopers (1997)

I know having Starship Troopers here may seem like a strange choice, and I agree it is, but I also don’t care all that much.

This is the most outlandish sci-fi film out there. It has so much violence, humour and anti-military messages that I’m surprised it was ever allowed.

Meant as a parody of the military system it is effective, but it’s even more effective as a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

starship troopers

4) Star Trek (2009)

When it comes down to it I’ve always been more of a Trekkie than a warsie? A wookie? Wait what do Star Wars fans call themselves?

So anyway, when the reboot was announced I was a little trepidations to see what they would do with the series. I was also glad they weren’t touching Picard.

What we got was actually really quite perfect. It got the tone of the series quite right with a humorously cocky Kirk and a nicely robotic Spock. It was a film to win over old Trekkies and make plenty of new ones at the same time.

I only have one question. Who showed Abrams where the fraking lens flare effect was?

star trek 2009

3) Blade Runner (1982) 

This is Ridley Scott on top form. With incredibly immersive visuals, a perfect soundtrack and even more perfect performances, it all melds together to create one of the greatest science-fiction films of all time.

The film takes on so many issues, ranging from humanity to religion that there’s always something new to discover, it really is one of the most accomplished films of all time.

blade runner

2) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Made so long ago and yet still one of the most perfect sci-fi films out there.

2001 was an incredible piece of cinema in its day and it’s no less impressive today. If you’re going to make a science-fiction film or write a novel this is the first port of call you make, it is incredibly influential in the genre even today.

It is a truly impressive piece of cinema that will stand the test of time for many more years to come.


1) Alien (1979)

And at the top of our list we have the pinnacle of the alien vs human sub-genre.

Alien is the most suspense filled film ever to be set in space, those moments of hunting down an unknown intruder were some of the most terrifying of my childhood.

And that’s not mentioning the facehugger or chestbusters, those gits sent me screaming from the room never to attempt the film again for a few years.

As a child I feared this film. As an adult I love, every stinking inch of it. It’s the pinnacle and it hasn’t even come close to be matched.


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  1. Wow, that was looking like a good list right up until you stunk it up with that abortion called Star Trek. Way to ruin your credibility.

    • We are sorry that you did not enjoy the Star Trek film, we did. But it was included in the list in part thanks to it’s impact on reviving a sadly staling franchise.

      If it wasn’t for the Star Trek reboot the franchise would still be dying slowly but surely.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Hello Fenring.

      The article is intended as a basis for feedback from readers. Your suggestions for films like Gattaca, which we have not yet seen, will be watched and the list updated accordingly after we have seen them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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